Tsavo East National Park in Kenya

Tsavo East National Park in Kenya

Tsavo East National Park is the largest national park in Kenya and located only 120 Km from Mombasa. See more about this page.

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Tsavo east National park is 11,747 Km Sq. Altitude 150 – 1,200 meters above sea level.


Tsavo east National park is located in South-West Kenya, inland from the Coast.

The tsavo east national park is Warm and dry. It is one of the planet’s last bio-diversity strongholds, the park features bushy grasslands, open plains, semi-arid acacia scrub abd woodlands.


The tsavo east national park is open daily 6:00 am to 7:00 pm.

No entry after 6:15 pm.

No entry allowed at the Tsavo East national park on foot!.

Walking and hiking only allowed in designated areas and in the company of a Kenya wildlife services ranger.

When To Go:

The Park is open all year round.

Theatre of the wild

Tsavo East  lies to the east of the Nairobi – Mombasa highway, equi-distant between Nairobi and Mombasa and offers a vast and untapped arena of arid bush which is washed by the azure and emerald meanderings of the Galana River, guarded by the limitless lava reaches of the Yatta Plateau and patrolled by some of the largest elephant herds in Kenya.

What you may see

Elephants in Eden

The sight of dust-red elephants wallowing, rolling and spraying each other with the midnight blue waters of the palm-shaded Galana River, is one of the most evocative images of Africa.

Aruba Dam

The beautiful Aruba dam, located on the north bank of the seasonal Voi River, is visited by thousands of animals and makes a great game viewing destination.

Mudanda Rock

This whale-backed rock towers above a natural dam, which acts as a draw to hundreds of elephants. The longest lava flow in the world at 300 kilometers in length, the heat-shimmering edge of the Yatta Plateau is the longest lava flow in the world and an ornithological paradise that attracts migrating birds from all over the world.

Lugard’s Falls

Named after Captain Lugard, the first proconsul to East Africa, the falls feature a bizarrely eroded rock neck through which the waters of Galana River plunge into foaming rapids and crocodile infested pools.

Spectacular voyages of discovery

Tsavo east national park offers some of the most magnificent game drives in the world – vast herds of dust-red elephants, fat pods of hippo, giant crocodile and a kaleidoscope of bird life are set against a blazing backdrop of endless bush.

Visiting the Tsavo East National Park and many more iconic locations

Below are short yet very well rated safaris from the Kenya coast to Tsavo East national park.

  • 1 day Tsavo east safari: have a chance to see the Big Five of Africa in a days trip!! the Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Buffalo and elephant among many other animal and bird species.
  • 2 days Tsavo East safari Spend a night at the famous water hole lodge and have a chance to see the Big Five of Africa, the Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Buffalo and elephant among many other animal and bird species.
  • 2 Days Tsavo East and West safari Visit the Largest park in Africa, Tsavo in two days. Spot the big five game which include the lion, the leopard, the Rhino, the elephant and the water buffaloes. Visit the fresh water springs emanating from the world’s famous Mt. Kilimanjaro. See a lot of flora and fauna, birds and fish in this wonderful park. A host of beautiful landscapes awaits you
  • 3 Days Tsavo East and West Safari: “pole pole” safari to the largest park in East Africa, Tsavo. See the big five, visit the famous Mzima springs and the rhino Sanctuary.
  • 3 Days Tsavo West and Amboseli safari Visit Tsavo West and have a chance to see the big five of Africa, game drive at the foot of the highest Mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro.
  • 4 Days Tsavo East, Tsavo West and Amboseli Safari The best safari from Mombasa! See the Big five and the famous Mt. Kilimanjaro in Amboseli known for it’s snow cap. , a big surprise for many explorer’s safari of the early 19th century

Tsavo East National Park Lodges & Safari Camps

  • Voi safari lodge is perched on the top of a cliff-faced hill, Voi Safari Lodge overlooks Kenya’s Tsavo East plains extending as far as the undulating terrain of the Yatta Plateaus. This lodge is a stop over for many safari adventures, nature lovers and holiday makers who are assured of sampling Kenya’s wildlife attractions
  • Kilaguni Serena safari lodge is located in Tsavo West National Park, midway between Nairobi and Mombasa. This safari lodge is in an area which has abundant wildlife and other attractions like the crystal clear waters of Mzima Springs, Shetani and Chaimu lava flows and the roaring rocks. Explore all this from this safari lodge
  • Voi wildlife lodge and safari spa is beautiful lodge is right within the boundaries of the mighty Tsavo East National park. The lodges offers 20 large beautifully furnished & decorated rooms. 4 family rooms cum suites and special rooms for handicapped.
  • Ngulia Safari lodge is situated spectacularly on the edge of Ndawe escarpment, offering a vast panoramic view of Tsavo west’s sweeping plains. Ngulia is an ideal base from which to explore Tsavo West, one of the world’s largest national parks.
  • Ashnil Aruba safari lodge named after the Aruba Dam, an oasis of limpid brown water that forms an irresistible attraction to both man and beast in this otherwise dry dusty Tsavo East National Park. The Aruba Safari Lodge sits on a strategic watering site overlooking the Aruba dam constructed on Voi river in 1952.

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