Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Serengeti National Park Information

The Serengeti National Park , as it is called, is the largest and best known of Tanzania’s National Parks, covers an area of over 14,500sq km (5,600sq miles). Its northern boundary boarders Kenya’s Masai Mara Game Reserve, whilst its western extension known as the `corridor’ reaches to within 8km (5 miles) of Lake Victoria. In this world-famous wildlife sanctuary there still exists the greatest and most spectacular concentration of game animals found anywhere in the world.

Most of the Serengeti national park is vast open plains with lofty rocky outcrops giving character to the landscape. There are also acacia and savannah woodland and scrub, forested and well-treed rivers, and the occasional swamp and small lake. In altitude Serengeti varies between 914 and 1,828m (3,000-6000ft): Park headquarters at Seronera is at 1,524m (5,000ft).

Game park safari summery

  •  Relish twice-daily game drives, with sunrise and sun-downer stops. Or take a full day game drive and scrumptious picnic, so that you can spend the entire day out.
  • Experience nature in a real and authentic manner. Roam its sprawling plains on exhilarating game drives or hop into a hot-air balloon ride for an once-in-a-lifetime wilderness adventure.
  • Enjoy your shower under the stars, waking up to the golden sunrise through your tent / lodge, sitting around a open camp fire reveling in the romance and sounds of being in the bush, and far, far  away from reality.
  • Take the time to enjoy the gushing serengeti rivers to see crocodiles & hippos as well as the exceptional year round lion sightings. Alternatively take the opportunity to go to Lake Victoria and interact with the villagers and see their local way of life.
  • Capture the moment to enjoy the private concession, with opportunities to go on tranquil nature walks and thrilling night game drives, or visit a Maasai community and gain insight into the day to day lives of this pastoral community.



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