Diani to Mombasa City Tour

Diani to Mombasa City Tour

Diani-Mombasa City Tour

Diani-Mombasa City Tour – Get to know Mombasa city during this exciting tour exploring the Old town, Fort Jesus, Elephant tusks, Spice Market, Khanga shops and many more. Start from Diani beach and return to Diani beach excursion tour.


Pick up will be from your beach resort early in the Morning. Its going to be a guided tour from Diani beach exploring Mombasa city’s points of interest. Experience remarkable diversity of unique cultures notably African, Asians and Arabs.

Being the 2nd largest city in Kenya, Mombasa city is active during the day as well as at Night. Swahili is dominantly spoken here with English being the official language. The history of Mombasa city is interesting and complex. Its a town which attracted explorers of ancient times. This is evidenced by the architecture and cultures which makes the city TOP as one of the “most adorable cities to explore in Eastern coast of Africa”.

Tour Highlights

Your guided Diani-Mombasa city tour excursion will explore the following areas of interest

  1. Bustling fruit, vegetable, spice market
  2. Mombasa old Town & her narrow streets
  3. Fort Jesus (museum)
  4. Old Harbor
  5. The famous Elephant Tusks
  6. The Akamba wood cavers center

Diani-Mombasa city tour prices

No. of Pax  1-3 People  4-7 People 8-22 people
Price per Person  $65  $50  $45

Contact us for more information about this Diani-Mombasa city tour Excursion or any other Diani Excurtion tour. We also invite you to see how our past clients rate our services.

Safari Pricing Chart

Price will include

  • Shared air-conditioned Vehicle
  • Fort Jesus entry fees
  • Mineral bottled water

Price will include

  • Lunch is not included
  • Tips or any other gratitude

Contact us for more information about this Diani-Mombasa city tour Excursion or any other Diani Excurtion tour. We also invite you to see how our past clients rate our services.

Mombasa city-tour Diani featuring Markinon Market

Your guided Diani-Mombasa city tour shall explore this fascinating market where farm produce is brought, weighed and sold in small quantities. The market is busy since most of the visitors to Mombasa city would want to shop for fruits, vegetables, and spices from this Market. Its here you will get the best spices from Zanzibar and Kenya highlands’ unprocessed coffee & Tea.

Diani-Mombasa City Tour featuring Fort Jesus

Fort Jusus – Well positioned on a coral ridge commanding the entry gate to Old harbor. It was built in 1593 by the Portuguese but the architecture was designed by an Italian architect and engineer called Giovanni Battista Cairati. It was built to protect the Portuguese military from the attacks of the Arabs.

During your Diani-Mombasa city tour you will learn more about the design of the fort, with its proportions, its imposing walls and five bastions. It’s a clear reflection of the military architectural theory of the Renaissance. Fort Jesus in Mombasa, bears physical witness, in its structures and subsequent transformations. Also to the interchange of cultural values and influences between and among peoples of African, Arab, Turkish, Persian and European origin that fought to gain and maintain their control over this strategic old harbor.

Mombasa Old Harbor

An old port well sheltered in old town of Mombasa. You shall be brought to this Old port by your guide during the Diani-Mombasa city tour. Today the old port is used by Dhows bringing in and taking out light cargo . Learn more about the old Government square. Take a guided walk along the old town narrow streets to admire the old mosque, crowded old buildings, some with admirable carved balconies.

Mombasa city-Tour Diani featuring Elephant Tusks

Erected in 1952 to mark the English queen’s visit [ Queen Elizabeth ] to  Mombasa, the giant Elephant tusks serves as the Landmark of Mombasa today. Take delight on the beauty of the tusks without leaving behind the option to photograph yourself with the tusks on the background.

 Mombasa city-tour from Diani Beach featuring Akamba Wood curving

Your Mombasa City-tour diani beach shall end or begin with Akamba wood curvers in Changamwe.  Its a workshop with over 5,000 Akamba tribe in Kenya who are talented in wood curving as evidenced by their produce. Take your time to Sample their talents. Thereafter visit their shop and get yourself a gift to take back home at rock-bottom price.

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