Bird Watching Kenya Safari in 10 Days from Nairobi

Bird Watching Kenya Safari in 10 Days from Nairobi

10 days Bird watching Kenya safari

10 Days Bird watching Kenya safari – Amazing adventure in tracking, watching and photo-shooting experience across Kenya’s diverse ecosystems. Whether you are watching from the savanna plains, woodlands, mountains or even river-line, bird watching in Kenya is quite fascinating.  Start from Nairobi returning from Nairobi.

10 Days Bird Watching kenya Safari Itinerary

Day 1. Nairobi – Mount Kenya

Meet and greet followed by a short tour briefing before departure.Enjoy a relaxed scenic drive toward mount Kenya. Mount Kenya standing at 5,199 m high is Africa’ second highest Mountain.

The mountain’s sprawling slopes are cloaked in forest, bamboo, scrub and moorland, giving way on the high central peaks to rock, ice and snow in its peaks. The Mountain has a rich montane avifauna.Arrive in time for lunch.

Embark on our first bird watching exercise. Some of the birds that exists in this area includes Abbott’s Starling,Lesser Kestrel (a passage migrant on the moorland).

Others include Jackson’s widow bird, Sharpe’s Long claw, Olive Ibis, Sledgehammer, Ayres’s hawk-eagle, African Crowned Eagle,

Be on the look out for the African Grass Owl, Cape Eagle-Owl, Purple-throat Cuckoo-shrike, Long-tailed widow bird.

Abyssinian Owl (very rare and poorly researched), Scarlet-tufted Sunbird, and Kendrick’s Starling can also be seen in this region. Dinner and overnight in your lodge/luxury tented camp of choice.

Day 2. Mount Kenya via Aberdare – Baringo

After an early morning breakfast, check out and drive via  Thomson’s Falls with a stop over to view the scenic waterfalls .

Proceed via Tea / coffee plantations stopping briefly at Lake Bogoria to see the Hot Springs and the Geysers .

Then continue to your lodge for check in and Lunch. Enjoy a guided bird walk around this fresh water lake with over 450 species of birds.

Birds that are found in this area includes curly crested helmet shrikes, silver bird, grey silver-headed silver bill , grey-headed bush shrike, northern masked weaver.

Take a boat trip on the lake [at an extra cost] or visit the Njemps tribe and see more birds. large concentration of lesser and greater flamingos also exists in this rift valley lake. Dinner and overnight at a lodge/luxury tented camp.

Day 3. Baringo – Lake Nakuru

After breakfast, leave for Lake Nakuru National park with stops on the way to view native birds. Arrive in time for lunch. Evening game drive starts at 1600 Hrs.

Important to note is that lake Nakuru national park is located on the floor of the rift valley. Its alkaline water is an attraction of tens of thousands of flamingos & other pelicans. This has made it an ornithological bird’s paradise.

In addition to bird watching activities; the park hosts a Rhino sanctuary with both black and White Rhinos present. Dinner and overnight in your lodge / Luxury camp of choice.

Day 4. Lake Nakuru – Masai Mara

Early morning breakfast followed by a departure with more Bird viewing en route to the exit. Drive to Masai Mara arriving in time for late lunch.

Evening game drive & Bird watching in this wildlife paradise. Other than dominant birds seen in this reserve, you’ll also spot migratory species seen only in certain period of the year.

Dinner and overnight in a Lodge or Tented Camp of your choice.

Day 5. Masai Mara

Spent the whole day in Bird viewing. Masai Mara is an endemic bird area with even the Seven globally threatened species recorded .

Which include the Madagascar Pond-Heron, Pallid Harrier, Jackson’s Widow bird, Red-throated Tit, Grey-crested Helmet-shrike, Corncrake, and Lesser Kestrel. Grassland birds ,12 species of Cisticola & 53 birds of prey.

Large numbers of Pale arctic migrants commonly seen in these Mara including Caspian Plover and White Stork.

In addition to bird watching Look out for the “BIG FIVE”,Predators, Scavengers and many more as they roam freely in this game reserve.

Lunch will be by the Mara river. Return to your lodge for dinner and overnight .

Day 6. Masai Mara – Lake Naivasha

After breakfast, drive to Lake Naivasha which also lies on the floor of the Rift valley” a bird watcher’s paradise” .

The lake has fascinating bird life of over 350 species supported by the availability of dense vegetation at the lake edge. Papyrus fringes the main lake’s shore and cloaks the inlet rivers.

A boat trip around the lake with a stop at the marvelous Crescent island provides more chances for spotting. Many species of duck and Pale arctic waders occur in large numbers.

The lake is known for its high density of African Fish Eagles which nest in the surrounding Acacia woodland.

Grey-crested Helmeted-shrike, Basra Reed Warbler, Lesser Flamingo are also found here. Large congregations of Red-knob ed Coot, African Spoonbill and Little Grebe also exists.

Dinner and overnight in your lodge /Luxury tented camp.

Day 7. Naivasha – Amboseli

Early breakfast will be followed by a check-out from your lodge/tented camp. Optional visit to the towering cliffs of the hell’s gate gorge .

Much time will not be spend here as we have a journey ahead to Amboseli national park. We will have our lunch en route. Arrive in Amboseli in the evening. Time permitting evening game and birding drive .

Dinner and overnight in a lodge/Luxury tented camp.

Day 8. Amboseli National Park.

We will start the day before sunrise to enjoy the magnificent view of Mount Kilimanjaro . We shall set off for a bird watching drive before the clouds build up over the summit.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and is snow-capped at the peaks. The majesty of this tropical mountain makes Amboseli an ideal photographers haven by offering a spectacular back ground for wildlife and scenic photography.

Members of the big five exists with hippos and other grazers often seen from the observation hill.

Amboseli boosts of a rich bird life. Over 400 bird species recorded include the globally threatened Madagascar Pond-Heron, Lesser Flamingo, Lesser Kestrel , the Shoe bill and many more.

All meal and overnight in the same lodge or luxury tented camp.

Day 9. Amboseli – Tsavo West

Early breakfast followed by a check-out from your lodge. Short bird viewing en route to exit. Proceed to Tsavo west through chyulu gate arriving in your lodge in time for lunch.

We shall have  a rest before the evening birding drive & game drive. Tsavo West National Park has a prolific bird life & lies within the migratory routes of pale arctic migrant birds. Over 500 species have been recorded from this park.

Look out for African Fin foot, African Darter, Great egret & Saddle-billed Stork , White-headed Vulture, Martial Eagle ,Violet Wood Hoop and many more are also found here in Tsavo West national park.

Dinner and overnight in the same lodge / luxury tented camp.

Day 10. Tsavo West – Mombasa

This is our last day of our memorable 10-day safari and an optional bird-watching drive will be offered before breakfast.

It’ll followed by a checkout and proceeded for our last bird viewing. Explore the greenery locations around the famous Mzima Springs. View Hippos, Crocodiles and different types of Fish in crystal clear waters.

Commonly seen bird species are Golden-breasted and Fischer’s Starling, Grasshopper Buzzard, Friedmann’s and Singing Bush Lark, Somali Bee-eater, Pringle’s Puffback, Tsavo Sunbird, Common White-throat, Brown-breasted Barbet and Quail Plover.

Lots of bird life exists in this greenery location like the Taveta-golden Weaver. More bird viewing en route to exit from this park.

Thereafter drive back to Nairobi or to the Kenya coast beach resorts arriving in the afternoon. Its our hope you will have amazing time with one of our experience birding guide during your 10 days best bird watching safari package in Kenya.

Birding Kenya Safari Seasons

Tour/Safari Seasons

  • Low season : April to end of June
  • Peak season: July to October & 23rd, 24th,25th, 26th, 31st Dec & 01st January
  • High season: 1st November – 22nd December & 02nd January- 30th March

Category of Lodges/Tented Camp

High Level Lodges/Luxury Camps:

Mount Kenya:
Lake Nakuru national park:-
Masai mara
Amboseli national park
Tsavo west

Standard Lodges/Luxury Camps

Mount Kenya:
Lake Nakuru national park:-
Masai mara
Amboseli national park
Tsavo west

Economy Lodges /Luxury Camps:-

Mount Kenya:
Lake Nakuru national park:-
Masai mara
Amboseli national park
Tsavo west

10 Days Birding Kenya safari Prices

High Level Lodges & Tented Camp prices
  No.of Pax Low season High season peak season
  2 pax  $ 2,010  $ 2,360  $ 2,760
4 pax  $ 1,720  $ 2,045  $ 2,460
6 pax  $ 1,620  $ 1,890  $ 2,300
Standard Level Lodges & tented Camps
  2 pax  $ 1,735  $ 2,050  $ 2,160
4 pax  $ 1,450  $ 1,745  $ 1,865
6 pax  $ 1,340  $ 1,650  $ 1,750
Economy level lodges & camp prices
  2 pax  $ 1,650  $ 1,850  $1,950
4 pax  $ 1,360  $ 1,520  $ 1,670
6 pax  $ 1,275  $ 1,400  $ 1,550


Safari Pricing Chart

Price will include

  • Transport by custom safari van with open roof top
  • Services of an experienced bird guide
  • Mineral water while on safari
  • All government Levies,
  • All park entry fees,
  • Accommodation and meals (full board basis) based on the option chose
  • Extensive bird watching drives

Price will include

  • soft and alcoholic drinks
  • Tips and other grantitudes
  • Things of personal nature
  • Costs incurred while visiting local homesteads [eg.Masai village]
  • Children between 3 to 11 years pay 50% of adult price
  • Children occupying own room pay 75% of adult rate
  • Single room supplement will apply in all categories except on safaris taken during the low season.
  • This Bird watching Kenya safari can leave from any point in Nairobi city/suburbs /airport.
  • You can choose your own date of departure.
  • Any other information you feel worthwhile knowing regarding this safari will be provided immediately on request.

 Bird watching Kenya Safari

Bird watching in Kenya

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the vibrant landscapes of Kenya, where the symphony of chirps and melodies fills the air. Welcome to a paradise for bird enthusiasts – Kenya, a hidden gem waiting to be explored by those captivated by the beauty of feathered creatures. Join us as we delve into the world of bird watching in Kenya, offering you an unforgettable 10-day guided safari experience like no other. Let’s spread our wings and discover why Kenya is hailed as one of the best birding destinations in the world!

10 Days Mt.Kenya |Lake Baringo |Lake Bogoria |Lake Nakuru |Masai Mara |Lake Naivasha |Amboseli |Tsavo West – Nairobi

Pick up from your Nairobi city hotel, Residence and Nairobi airport & proceed on your best bird watching safari package in Kenya lasting for 10 days. Passionate about ornithology & adventures related to bird watching? This is your perfect birding safari. In 10 days you shall explore the top bird watching parks & forests in Kenya. This will be a guided Nature & Bird watching Kenya safari . 

Bird watching in Kenya

Imagine waking up to the enchanting chorus of colorful birds greeting the dawn in Kenya. With over 1,100 bird species scattered across diverse ecosystems, this East African country offers a paradise for avid bird watchers. From the sprawling savannahs of Maasai Mara to the lush forests of Kakamega, each corner of Kenya presents a unique opportunity to spot rare and endemic species.

Kenya’s rich biodiversity attracts bird enthusiasts from around the globe seeking glimpses of feathered wonders like the Lilac-breasted Roller or the Crowned Crane. Whether you’re an experienced birder or a novice nature lover, Kenya’s varied habitats cater to all levels of interest.

Guided by expert ornithologists and naturalists, you’ll traverse through national parks and reserves teeming with avian life. Capture stunning moments on camera as you witness intricate mating displays or graceful flights amidst breathtaking landscapes.

Immerse yourself in the thrill of spotting elusive species like turacos, barbets, and sunbirds while learning about their behaviors and habitats firsthand. Bird watching in Kenya is not just a hobby; it’s an immersive experience that connects you with nature on a profound level.

10-Days guided bird watching safari

Embark on a 10-day guided bird watching safari in Kenya for an unforgettable experience in the heart of East Africa.

Immerse yourself in the diverse habitats that Kenya has to offer, from lush forests to expansive savannahs. With expert guides by your side, you’ll have the opportunity to spot a wide variety of bird species, including some rare and endemic ones.

Each day brings a new adventure as you venture out into different national parks and reserves known for their rich birdlife. From flamingos at Lake Nakuru to majestic eagles soaring over Maasai Mara, every moment is filled with wonder and excitement.

Capture stunning photos of colorful birds in their natural habitat and learn fascinating facts about each species from knowledgeable guides. The thrill of spotting a rare bird for the first time is unparalleled – it’s a feeling that every birder dreams of experiencing.

With comfortable accommodations and delicious meals included, all you have to do is focus on enjoying the beauty of Kenya’s avian wonders. So pack your binoculars and set off on this incredible journey through one of the world’s top birding destinations!

Why Kenya is the best birding Safari destination

Bird watching in Kenya is an experience like no other, offering bird enthusiasts the chance to witness a diverse array of species in stunning natural settings. With its abundance of national parks, reserves, and lush landscapes, Kenya truly stands out as one of the best birding destinations in the world.

indulge in a 10-day guided bird watching safari in Kenya and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while spotting some of the most spectacular birds on earth. So, from colorful kingfishers to majestic eagles, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to observe these feathered wonders up close.

Whether you’re a seasoned birder or just starting out, Kenya’s rich biodiversity and knowledgeable guides make it an ideal destination for all levels of bird watchers. So pack your binoculars, grab your camera, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure exploring the avian wonders of Kenya!

Safari Tour Independence

Depart on this enchanting yet best birding Kenya Safari on a private comfortable safari 4 x4 jeep with open roof top for viewing and photography. You will not be mixed with other travelers whose interests & intends may differ from yours while on safari. Make your own decisions and control your own game drives throughout your 10 days Kenya safari.

Please note that Eastern Vacations Kenya Safaris offer unlimited birding drives during the 10 days Safari with unrivaled birding experience. During the 10 Days Kenya Bird Watching Safari package course; You will be hosted, guided and looked after by your own experienced driver | guide.

Bird Watching Kenya Safari Attraction Highlights.

  • Mount Kenya national park -an area rich in bird watching, flora and fauna activities.
  • Lake Bogoria – One of the rift valley lakes famous for hot springs, geysers and also an exciting bird watching site.
  • Lake Baringo – Best for boat ride tours and now the best place to watch flamingos in their millions together with other bird species.
  • Lake Nakuru national park – A rift valley lake famous for bird watching with possible sighting of white and black Rhino. Other wildlife exists.
  • Masai mara national game reserve – Naturist paradise & haven for bird watching where more than 400 species have been recorded. It is the region’s leading wildlife destination where best of the African wildlife films recorded.
  • Lake Naivasha – Another fresh rift valley lake best for bird watching. Enjoy boat ride to Crescent Island found in the middle of the lake. Nature walks are possible in this area & a nearby Hell’s gate is worth a visit.
  • Amboseli national park – Lying on the foot of Africa’s highest Mountain with the highest Elephant population. Bird life is abundant in Amboseli with Members of the big five roaming freely.
  • Tsavo west national park – Thousands of Pale-arctic migrants’ birds are found here together with other eye-catching species.

Birding Kenya Safari Package Essentials

Before you embark on unrivaled birding Kenya Safari make sure that you have your cameras, Binocular & your safari wish list book at hand. Enjoy the fan filled exercise of bird viewing during your 10 days Kenya safari.

So spare some time off your busy game drive schedule to visit one of the nearby Masai village [ extra cost]. Masai culture is one of the most celebrated in Africa because of their fascinating lifestyle.

Availability & Partakers

The 10 days best bird watching safari package in Kenya can be undertaken by all age groups. It’s similar to our Nairobi safari tours available throughout the year like many of our related safaris. 10 days Safari inquiries will be confirmed at the time of booking.

Book With Flexibility

Book these Bird watching Kenya safari with flexibility – choose your own travel dates & pick up point. You are at liberty to change the safari date should conditions necessitate to do so. You can also amend your birding safari and pick another longer Nairobi safari package as an alternative program.

You can also opt to end your 10 Days Kenya Bird Watching Safari package in Tsavo west and proceed to end in Mombasa without additional costs.

Please note that this birding tour can also be customized to end at Taveta boarder for Tanzania safari extensions.

At Eastern Vacations Kenya Safaris we are open to plan this Kenya birding safari trip to your expectations. Please find the feedback we get from those who have done Kenya safaris with us.

Contact us for further information about these 10 days birding safari in Kenya.

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