Mombasa City Tour Half Day – Mombasa excursions Day Trips

Mombasa City Tour Half Day – Mombasa excursions Day Trips

Tour of Mombasa city program

Depart from your hotel , Mombasa port or air port and proceed for this exciting tour of Mombasa city.

Our tour picks out some of the highlights of this colorful town including ;

  • the bustling fruit & vegetable market – a reflection of local community lifestyle
  • the old Town and its narrow streets – a glimpse of how life used to be back in history
  • Fort Jesus (museum) – related to the long history of East Africa and a tourist land mark attraction
  • the old Harbor – Small but busy port
  • The famous Elephant Tusks – Land mark of Mombasa
  • The Akamba wood cavers center – Sample talents by the Akamba tribe

    After this exciting tour of Mombasa , return to your hotel or sea port.

    If you are staying in Diani this tour is only possible if done in the morning hours.

    Departure from Diani will be at 0700 hrs.

    Please contact us for group rates.

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Mombasa city tour half day is a short trip excursion that explores Mombasa’s sites of interest.

This excursion can be undertaken in the morning or in the afternoon hours.

If its your first time visitor to this Kenya coastal city then its advisable to consider booking a guided tour.

Mombasa town is the second largest city in Kenya .It serves as a regional, cultural and economic hub .

The largest sea port in East Africa coastal region is found here; “Kilindini Harbor” & this makes Mombasa a relatively busy town.

Arabs had a lot of dominance in this city in the 12th Century before the invention by the Portuguese later on in the 16th Century.

Tour of Mombasa city shall explore the old buildings in Mombasa’s old town. The narrow streets of the old town are quite fascinating .

With the help of our guides; you will walk through this paths leading to the old Government square and the Old harbor.

The old Harbor is open to small boats and Dhows serving other Indian ocean islands & towns.

There are many gift & souvenir shops in this area where you can do some bargains & get yourself an item at low cost.

Swahili is a dominant language in Mombasa and indeed a national language in Kenya.

At the southern edge of the city stands Fort jesus built by the Portuguese between 1593-1596.

Its one of the most outstanding and well preserved examples of 16th century Portuguese military fortification and iconic landmark.

The site where the fort stands was carefully chosen to protect the entry to the Old harbor.

Today the fort is one of the best tourist attraction in Mombasa under the Kenya national museums.

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Safari Price

Cost per person from North coast Cost per person from Diani
Usd.45 Usd.65

Read what our passed clients say about our Mombasa half day tours

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