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Plan your East African Safari Holiday

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Malindi tour full day from mombasa

Full Day Malindi Tour – A Mombasa excursions Day Trip

Malindi Tour full day departs from Mombasa in the morning and return to Mombasa in the evening.

The town is located 120 kms from Mombasa town and closer to Sabaki river.

Tourism is the major industry in Malindi. The city is popular among Italian tourists.

Malindi is served with a domestic airport and a highway between Mombasa town and Lamu island.

The town draws its history from the time of east African explorations in 1498 . The Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama visited Malindi and was given a warm welcome by the then Sheikh of Malindi.

The reception contrasted with the hostile reception he encountered in Mombasa.

This led to signing of trade Agreements & the erection of Vasco da Gama pillar which still stands up to date.

Its one of the attraction is this Malindi full day tour.

Malindi was conquered by Sultan Majid of Zanzibar in 1861 and until the end of 19th century served as a center of the slave trade.

In 1890 Malindi came under British administration. The British abolished both the slave trade and slavery.

Malindi Full Day Tour Itinerary

Depart from your hotel at 0800hrs for a journey to Malindi. Drive through large sisal plantations and via Kilifi Town to Gede ruins- ancient Arab city in the heart of a dense forest.

Make short walk in this historical site before driving to Malindi mombasa excursions Day Trips - Malindi tour with Eastern vacationsMarine Park. Optional marine tour by a glass bottom boat or a visit to Sabaki river.

Later drive to a restaurant for Lunch. After lunch enjoy the general tour of Malindi town which includes a visit to the gold sands and the Vasco-da-Gama pillar.

Later drive back to Mombasa arriving late in the afternoon.


 Number of People

 Price per person

1 pax

 $ 180
2 Pax  $ 135

4 pax

 $ 120

We welcome you to see what others say about our excursion tours . Allow us to work with you in planing your Kenya Mombasa excursions & day trips.

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Hallar Park Tour Mombasa

Hallar Park Tour – A Mombasa excursions Day Trips program

Hallar Park tour in Mombasa shall take you to Bamburi quarry nature trail.

Located along Mombasa /Malindi road, Bamburi Haller Park is set in one of the Bamburi Cement’s limestone quarry’s, extending south from the factory.

Since 1971, the barren landscape of the disused quarry has been reformed systematically into a diverse ecosystem of forest, grasslands and ponds.

Its unique rehabilitation has seen it become the first recipient of the United Nations Environmental Program Global 500 Roll of Honor award.

Wildlife & Other activities

Bamburi Haller Park hosts a variety of wildlife.

They include hippos, giraffe, buffalos, giant Aldabra tortoise, smaller mammals, birds and a wide variety of ungulates such as the Oryx and Elands.

Caged Snakes ,Crocodiles,Fish ponds and many other wildlife are also found here.

Visitors to the park not only get to learn about rehabilitation and environmental conservation, but they also get to engage and participate in exciting activities such as animal feeding

Although this Hallar park tour in Mombasa can be undertaken any time of the day, best time is in the afternoon .

During this time you can witness 3 feeding sessions – Hippopotamus feeding out of the hiding pool, crocodile feeding & Giraffe feeding.

Get to know more about reclamation & wildlife conservation during this Bamburi hallar park tour in Mombasa.

Hallar Park tour Mombasa program

Depart from your hotel or proceed after your city tour for this exciting tour of Bamburi Hallar park excursion.

The wasteland of the stone quarry has been reclaimed among st the casuarina trees and other tropical flora reside a variety of wildlife and birds.

Eland and buffalo, crocodiles and other reptiles can be seen wandering with crowned cranes.

The commercially viable aquaculture complex is also visited.

Watch out for the hippos as the emerge out of their water pool .

Return back to your hotel in the early evening.

Tour cost. usd.40 per person


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Wasini Island Dolphin Tour from Mombasa & Diani

Full Day Wasini Island Dolphin Tour From Mombasa or Diani

Wasini Island dolphin tour is one of the exciting trips from Mombasa and Diani beach resorts.

Tour shall take the whole day departing as early as 0600 hrs from the hotels in Sun n sand ,Serena,Bamburi,Nyali Mombasa & Diani.

This full day Tour to wasini Island is an exceptional one as we allocate maximum time in Dolphin watching.

Explore the 3 Indian ocean islands of Mupunguti ,Kisite & Wasini Islands located off Shimoni mainland jetty.

Enjoy the best marine park viewing in a glass bottom boat .

Snorkeling & diving is offered during this tour of Wasini dolphin tour from Mombasa in Kisite Island.

Other than the spending time in the water there is also time allocated to visit the Shimoni caves & nature walk in Wasini island. 

Explore wasini island by foot and meet the local people living in the area & get more information about their lifestyle.

If time allows visit shimoni fishing village and see the fishermen as they bring their catch to the assembly point for sorting and weighing .

This Wasini Dolphin tour from Diani and Mombasa is suitable for physically fit persons .

Contact us for more information about this Wasini Island Dolphin tour .

Full day Wasini Island Dolphin Tour program

Early morning departure from your Beach resort, Sea port ,Airport or Residence for this amazing tour of Wasini Dolphin watching adventure..

The scenic route shall take you through lush coconut and cashew nut farm lands and the tribal villages of the Digo people.

On arrival at Shimoni Jetty, board a motorized glass bottom

mombasa excursions Day Trips to shimoni to sea Dholphines Dhow (boat) which will sail you through an enchanting seascape of islands to the richest marine park in Kenya (Kisite lsland)

Being escorted by Dolphin expert makes this wasini trip more than a dhow trip. Our knowledgeable guides makes meeting with the friendly local Dolphins a real probability.

Kisite Island natural Coral garden is where we will snorkel and marvel at the prolific marine life.

A traditional Sumptuous sea food lunch will be served on board to ensure maximum time with the Dolphin or opt to proceed to wasini island restaurant.

Mupunguti island exploration provides good vantage points for watching the Dolphin’s play Grounds and leisurely tranquil silence to listen out for Dolphin Whistles blowing off.

Thereafter sail back to Shimoni jetty for your transfer back to your resident hotel.

Wasini Isaland Dolphin tour Price

Cost per person from North coast

Cost per person from Diani



Tour includes:-

  • Pick and drop from your point of residence
  • Sea food lunch in plenty or any other meal of choice
  • Motorized Glass bottom boat
  • Marine park fees
  • Wasini island walk

Price does not include:-

  • Drinks
  • Diving costs [ optional $60 per dive ]
  • Tips or any other gratitude to the driver or guides

Visit our reviews page to see what our past clients say about our services.

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Boats used in Wasini Full Day Tour

Wasini Kisite islands Tour -Full day Sea Adventure

Wasini Full Day Tour by dhow -Welcome to a day of ultimate pleasure in the richest Marine Park in the Kenyan Coast.

Wasini dhow tours departs daily from Mombasa, Mombasa port and Diani .

Tour explores Mupunguti ,Kisite and Wasini island in a complete full day sea adventure.

Wasini Kisite Island tour highlight include
  • exciting sea adventure in one of the richest marine park in the coastal region
  • Dolphin spotting ,feeding & swimming with them
  • Swimming, snorkeling and diving in Kisite Island
  • Slave caves tour in Shimoni
  • Wasini island walk
  • Cultural tour in Wasini Island
  • Best sea food lunch served in Wasini island restaurant

This tour is ideal for those who love sea adventure and here in Eastern Vacations tours provide exact that.

Snorkeling and Diving equipment are usually provided on arrival.

Its advisable to mention that you will be undertaking one of this water sport activities during your Wasini Kisite Island tour exploration.

Remember to bring your diving certificate for you to be allowed for diving.

Contact us for more information regarding this wasini dhow tours from the Kenya beach resorts.

Wasini Full Day Tour Program

In the early morning hours depart from your hotel and drive to the tranquil fishing village of Shimoni close to the Tanzania border.

The scenic route takes you through lush coconut and cashewsnut farmlands.

The drive shall take you through the colorful villages of the Digo tribe (one of the 9 tribes of the Kenyan coast).

At Shimoni jet board an amombasa excursions Day Trips to wasini islanduthentic motorized dhow with a sail, which cruise and sail you through an enchanting seascape of Mpunguti islands & to the underwater splendors of the Kisite Marine Park.

Here snorkeler will marvel at the incredible variety of marine life in the shallow and warm waters around Kisite lsland .

Its also a venue for numerous birds ocean birds.

We escort Scuba divers to explore a number of excellent dive sites, also teeming with an astounding variety of Marine life which inhabit the magnificent coral reefs in and around the park.

After snorkeling, diving, swimming and sun bathing sail to Wasini island.

A sumptuous Swahili style seafood lunch shall be  served in Wasini Island restaurant. Thereafter visit the traditional  village and the island caves.

Having finished our islands explorations; We return you back to your hotel arriving in the evening .

Wasini Kisite Islands Tour prices

Cost per person from North coast

Cost per person from Diani



Wasini Tour price includes

  • Transport from your hotel and back
  • Marine park fees
  • Boat transport
  • Snorkeling and swimming
  • Sea food or any other meal
  • Island walk and slave caves

Price does not include

  • Drinks
  • Diving which is payable direct [optional at $60 per dive]
  • Tip or any other gratitude to the driver

We invite you to read what our passed clients say about this wasini full day tour services.

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Tamarind dinner dhow mombasa

Tamarind Evening Dhow – Mombasa excursions Day Trip

Tamarind Dhow cruise – Experience dining in a tradition dhow as it used to be before civilization. 

Dhows were widely used in East African coastal waters by Arabs for trade in Indian Ocean waters.

Tamarind has one of its kind called Nawalilkher & its the longest in sailing dhow in Mombasa measuring over 70 feet long.

Sample the Tamarind world-famous cuisine onboard a traditional dhow yet most exciting romantic experience under the stars.

If you a first time visitor to the Kenya coast & you are looking for a fine sailing restaurant its always ideal to consider the tamarind dinner cruise.

Tamarind evening dhow Mombasa cruise pick ups from

Serena hotels ,Bamburi resorts,Nyali beach resorts, Mombasa port & Diani beach resorts.

Contact us for more information and the pick up time .

Tamarind dhow cruise program

Tamarind evening Dhow Mombasa program includes pick-up from the hotel and transfer to Tamarind jetty point. Take an evening cruise aboard a traditionDinner cruise by Eastern Vacationsal dhow with a sail .As the dhow slips gently away from the jetty, the resident band starts to play and you quickly fall under the spell of the magical Tamarind atmosphere. After a cruise around Tudor creek with fine views of Mombasa’s old town and fort Jesus; your dhow moors in a sheltered bay at the head of the creek. Watch the sun downer. Here, the fine aroma of grilled lobster and steak start to fill the air as the chefs pull out the charcoal grills and prepare a gourmet four course meal

By now the band is in full swing, which soon has the majority guests dancing on the main deck. Return to your hotel at around 10.30 pm

Join us for this memorable dinner cruise!

Tamarind evening Dhow Mombasa prices

Cost per person from North coast hotels

Cost per person from south coast hotels

$ 100

$ 110

Price includes:-

  • Pick & drop from your hotel
  • Best sea food dinner under the stars
  • Music on board

Price includes:-

  • Pick & drop from your hotel
  • Best sea food dinner under the stars
  • Music on board

See what our passed clients say about us & the Tamarind dinner dhow in mombasa.

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Mombasa City Tour excursion featured in this photo

Mombasa City Tour Half Day – Mombasa excursions Day Trips

Mombasa city tour half day is a short trip excursion that explores Mombasa’s sites of interest.

This excursion can be undertaken in the morning or in the afternoon hours.

If its your first time visitor to this Kenya coastal city then its advisable to consider booking a guided tour.

Mombasa town is the second largest city in Kenya .It serves as a regional, cultural and economic hub .

The largest sea port in East Africa coastal region is found here; “Kilindini Harbor” & this makes Mombasa a relatively busy town.

Arabs had a lot of dominance in this city in the 12th Century before the invention by the Portuguese later on in the 16th Century. 

Tour of Mombasa city shall explore the old buildings in Mombasa’s old town. The narrow streets of the old town are quite fascinating .

With the help of our guides; you will walk through this paths leading to the old Government square and the Old harbor.

The old Harbor is open to small boats and Dhows serving other Indian ocean islands & towns.

There are many gift & souvenir shops in this area where you can do some bargains & get yourself an item at low cost.

Swahili is a dominant language in Mombasa and indeed a national language in Kenya.

At the southern edge of the city stands Fort jesus built by the Portuguese between 1593-1596.

Its one of the most outstanding and well preserved examples of 16th century Portuguese military fortification and iconic landmark.

The site where the fort stands was carefully chosen to protect the entry to the Old harbor.

Today the fort is one of the best tourist attraction in Mombasa under the Kenya national museums.

Contact us for more information about this half day tour of Mombasa city .

Tour of Mombasa city program

Depart from your hotel , Mombasa port or air port and proceed for this exciting tour of Mombasa city.

Our tour picks out some of the highlights of this colorful town including ;

  • the bustling fruit & vegetable market – a reflection of local community lifestyle
  • the old Town and its narrow streets – a glimpse of how life used to be back in history
  • Fort Jesus (museum) – related to the long history of East Africa and a tourist land mark attraction
  • the old Harbor – Small but busy port
  • The famous Elephant Tusks – Land mark of Mombasa
  • The Akamba wood cavers center – Sample talents by the Akamba tribe

mombasa excursions Day Trips / Mombasa city tour After this exciting tour of Mombasa , return to your hotel or sea port.

If you are staying in Diani this tour is only possible if done in the morning hours.

Departure from Diani will be at 0700 hrs.

Please contact us for group rates.

Cost per person from North coast

Cost per person from Diani



Read what our passed clients say about our Mombasa half day tours

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Mamba Village tour Mombasa

Crocodile farm Tour- Mombasa Excursions Day Trips

Mamba Village tour Mombasa is a excursion to one of the largest crocodile farm in Africa.

Its located only 10 kilometers from Mombasa city.

Tour departs daily from the Diani ,Mombasa city and the north coast beach resort in Nyali, Bamburi and Serena.

Book this guided tour of Mombasa excursion or opt combine with other city programs .

Get to know more about the breeding process of this reptiles during this must visit tour to the farm.

Mamba Village Crocodile farm in Mombasa is an exciting tour for those who love this aquatic creatures.

During your guided visit you shall learn more about the various stages of crocodile life from the time of hatching to full adult stage.

See the “Big Daddy ” measuring more than 5 meters long as he pulls himself out of the pool to bask on the nearby rocks

The nearby botanical gardens are worthy to be paid a visit. Get introduced to carnivorous plants and more. 

Tour tour is offered through out the year and undertaken any time during the day between 0800hrs and 1700hrs.

Contact us for more information about this tour to Mamba village in Mombasa ; Nyali area

Crocodile farm tour in Mombasa program

Mombasa excursions Day Trips program departing from the Kenya coast resorts .Tour lasts for 2 hours but depends largely on the pick-up point.

mombasa excursions Day Trips - Farm with a variety of attractions to offer

This tour can be combined with other excursions to make it a full day trip if the tour originates from Diani beach resorts.

Afternoon transfer to a heaven of reptiles (Africa’s Largest Crocodiles Farm).

Best visit is during the feeding time at 5.00 pm also in the farm are beautiful botanical gardens which are worthy to be visited.


We invite you to read what our passed clients say about our Mamba village tour in Mombasa

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