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Plan your East African Safari Holiday

Get a tailor made safari tour for your Kenya & Tanzania Vacation.

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Wild animals you will probably see while on your kenya safari

Wild Animals You Will Probably See While On Your Kenya Safari

Wild animals possibly seen while on Kenya safari – Kenya is one of the best countries to go for a safari to see wildlife roaming in their natural habitat, with amazing landscapes, pristine coastline beaches, friendly people ready to show you around. A visit to Kenya is worth your time and money as you will get to experience wilderness in its true shape with lots of memories to take back home.

With diverse wild animals and birds, a Kenya safari to most of the national parks or game reserves will let you encounter with the Big Five; Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Leopard and Buffalo among other predators and grazers. Here is a list of wildlife that you will probably see with enjoying your Kenya Safari.

1. African Cape Buffalo

Considered one of the most dangerous among the big five; Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Leopard and Buffalo. African Cape Buffalo can be found on almost all national parks, game reserves and wildlife conservancies in Kenya. It’s loved by lions as they cannot run fast.

2. Giraffe

The tallest mammal in earth whose height is five times of an adult human being. Giraffes are a beautiful sight to see with your naked eyes. They are of 3 species which can all be found in Kenya’s different national parks and game reserves; Masai Giraffe, Reticulated Giraffe and Rothschild Giraffe. You can spot the Masai Giraffe in most of the parks. The Reticulated Giraffe is mostly found in Laikipia Conservancies and Samburu-Shabba National Reserve; Northern Kenya. The Rothschild, an endangered species of Giraffe, can be found in Lake Nakuru National Park and also in Nairobi’s Giraffe Centre in Karen.

3. Zebra

One of the beautiful wild animals found in most of the Kenya’s attraction sites, Zebra are of two species; the Plain Zebra with broad, widely spaced stripes which are generally browner in females and get black in stallions and the Grevy’s Zebra with bat ears, its narrow, close-set stripes and unstripped belly. The plain Zebra are common in most of the parks while the Grevy’s Zebra are only found in the north-eastern Part of Kenya’s conservancies and reserves. Grevy’s Zebra can sometimes be found together in groups with Plain Zebra. Lions, hyenas and hunting dogs are all capable of killing both adult and young zebras, while leopards and sometimes cheetahs take foals. Zebras are capable of delivering a bone-crushing kick to predators.

4. The African Lion

Feared by both wild animals and human beings, known as the king of the jungle, the larget of the predators who is among the Big Five, Lion is one of the majestic and brave animals found in Kenya’s wilderness. A Kenya safari will not be complete without sighting a lion. Kenya’s Masai Mara hosts many prides of lions. Black-manned lions can also be found in Masai Mara. Most of the national parks and game reserves hosts lions.

5. Impala

A commonly seen, medium sized antelope in most of Kenya’s national parks and game reserves. The males have lyre shaped horns while females don’t have horns at all. A tuft of black hair on the lower part of the hind legs above the hooves is the site of a scent gland. During daytime impala are at most active in the early mornings and late afternoon. Can be seen in herds of 6-100 individuals which move in their large home range. When alarmed, they take flight in a series of spectacular bounding jumps and are capable of leaping 10 feet in air and an incredible 36 feet in breadth.


6. The African Elephant

Unmistakable the largest land mammal who is highly social, living in family units consisting of a number of related adult females and their calves in group of 10-15 individuals. Led by an old female known as the matriarch. A visit to Amboseli national park will surely be worth your time and money seeing these gentle giants traversing the plains feeding, wallowing and rubbing against trees or boulders. Tsavo East hosts red-dust elephants, an effect of wallowing on the red sand of Tsavo. Your first encounter with elephants will surely be a sight to reckon.

Wild animals you will probably see while on your kenya safari

7. Rhinoceros

One of the big five, Rhino are of two species; the white and black rhinoceros. They are among the endangered wildlife species due to being poached for their horns believed to be medicinal. White Rhinos are more social than the black rhinos. Mostly found in single or female with a young one. Adult males are generally solitary and territorial. White rhinos can be seen at Nairobi National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park and Masai Mara Game Reserve. Black Rhinos can also be found in Nairobi National Park, Tsavo West National Park and Masai Mara Game Reserve.

8. Hippopotamus

Mostly found in rivers, lakes and swamps within National Parks and Game Reserves. They are nocturnal and usually found in groups of 10-20 females and their young ones. Usually spends daytime snoozing in the water or resting on sand banks, emerging at dusk to feed out in the surrounding grasslands. Masai Mara is known to host large numbers of hippo in the Mara River and Mara Talek.

9. Cheetah

The fastest wild animal on earth that can run at a maximum speed of 70mph (112kph). Cheetahs are easily distinguished from Leopards by distinct black ‘tear-marks’ running from the inner corners of their eyes to the edges of their mouth. Cheetahs hunt medium -sized and small antelopes particularly the Thomson’s Gazelles and Impala. A Kenya safari to the Masai Mara Game reserve will probably gift you with the sightings of cheetahs. You can also sight cheetahs at Amboseli, Tsavo and Samburu.

10. Wildebeests / Gnus

One of the antelopes found in Kenya’s national parks and game reserves, Wildebeests are usually in open grasslands and acacia thickets. Can be found in large herds numbering hundreds of thousands. Masai Mara – Serengeti eco-system hosts the largest concentration of wildebeests. The annual wildebeest migration hosts thousands of wildebeests and zebras crossing the Mara River with predators waiting to hunt down the wildebeests, a spectacular sighting that can be experienced between July and October.


11. Leopard

One of the big cats of Kenya’s wildlife and part of the big five. Leopards are opportunistic animals and can hunt day or night if undisturbed. It has spots and bards across its chest; spots on the torso and upper limbs form a rosettes. Leopards are less frequently seen than cheetahs. Black leopards or ‘panthers’ are simply melanistic leopards which were recently seen and photographed in Laikipia county.

12. Hyaena

There are three species of hyena; the spotted hyena, stripped hyena and aardwolf. All can be found in Kenya’s wildlife attraction sites and national parks. The spotted hyena posses the strongest jaws of all land predators, equipped with extra-ordinarily powerful molar teeth for crushing bones. They are the most abundant large mammalian predator in Africa. The stripped hyaena are rare than the spotted hyaena and are smaller in size. The aardwolf looks very similar to a stripped hyaena but is smaller and primarily insectivorous.


13. Ostrich

Largest bird that cannot fly but has strong, long and powerful legs which enable it to run very fast at an approximate speed of 70km/hr. The male ostrich has a black plumage with white plumes on the wings and the tail, while the female has greyish plumage. It is found in most of the national parks in Kenya. The Somali ostrich is another species of the common ostrich found in the Northern Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve.

14. Thomson’s Gazelle

A smaller gazelle than the grant’s Gazelle also known as tommy with a black stripe on their body, can be found in the majority of the national parks & game reserves. Both male and female have horns but in females are smaller. Thomson’s gazelle form loose association of 5-50 females and their young, with a territorial male in attendance. Tommies are very fast, reaching speeds of up to 50 mph (80kph). They are commonly preyed by cheetahs, leopards and hunting dogs.

15. Waterbuck

Mostly found near water bodies as their name suggests and are water-dependent of all antelopes. Only males have horns. They are of two species; Defassa and Common Waterbuck. Majority of Kenya’s national parks and game reserves hosts waterbuck. They can be found in plenty in Lake Naivasha and Nakuru. Adults are occasionally preyed by lions and hunting dogs while leopards and hyena prey on calves.



Your visit to Kenya will surely be memorable as you will be able to see the richest wildlife in the world with extraordinarily variety and abundance of both animal and bird life. Eastern Vacation tour company will be glad to plan for your Kenya Family Safari. Let our expert tour consultants help you tailor-make your wildlife safari tour.

Family Safari in Kenya

Kenya is known as the ‘safari country’, with vast national parks, game reserves and wildlife conservancies to enjoy the beautiful and exotic flora and fauna. Being one of the best safari destinations to enjoy wildlife in Africa, Kenya is a family friendly country with pristine beaches along its coastline. Diani beach in South Coast of Kenya was recently rated one of the best beach holiday destination for families.

Family vacation in Kenya will leave you with amazing memories to take back home. Here at Eastern Vacations, we organize Mombasa safari tours from the Kenya coast to premier national parks for your multi-day safari to experience wild animals, picturesque landscapes and exotic lodges in the middle of the wild.

Our trained and experienced safari driver guides are happy to help you show and tell stories about Kenya, wildlife, conservation, culture and tradition, politics and the overall beauty of Kenya. Their knowledge of wildlife is exceptional. Knowing where to find wild animals and birds to your liking based on their experience of wild animal behavior.

Safari vehicles are important part in experiencing Kenya’s wildlife safari. We make sure our safari vehicles are in great condition for you to enjoy with your family the safari without mechanical breakdowns. Our customized pop up top safari minivan guarantees a window seat of up to six of your family members with a child safety seat as per your request.

For luxury safari, our pop up top 4×4 land cruiser jeeps are best option to experience the wild and nature as they can traverse the African terrain with ease.

Sample our safari itineraries starting from Mombasa and Nairobi. Our safari consultants are all ears to make your family safari a success. Let Eastern Vacations make your African holiday dream a reality to see the wild animals in their natural habitat. This is your chance  to take your family for a safari in East Africa’s best country, Kenya, to experience the wild as it is.

7 Days Masai Mara Nakuru Amboseli Safari on offers

Kenya Safari Tours: Your Ultimate Safari Destination in East Africa

Kenya Safari Tours

Wildlife Safari Tours being the most preferred activities by visitors to Kenya; the fantastic issue when you have finished touring the Wildlife parks is that you are able to go snorkeling at the fantastic barrier reef of the Indian ocean. Temperate Kenya highlands are different as they’re cooler than a standard tropical savanna plains. There are numerous wildlife habitats around the world; each is one-of-a-kind and worth venturing.

You’ll learn during your safari tours whenever you have the chance to feed a single right from your souvenir feed cup! City tours & other excursion trips are available in various packages. A private tour will allow you to experience the best pleasure of traveling. There are many unique tours you may try. Safari tours and safaris are made to offer you a good selection of the greatest sights and experiences that they could possibly offer.

Annually, lots of tourists plan their visit to a Kenya due to its pleasant weather, beautiful scenery, amazing wildlife, undiscovered flora and fauna and straightforward access to accommodation. If you’re arranging a safari visit to another country, it’s always recommended to start looking for companies online who are offering tours packages and arranging such tours at pretty decent rates. In the same way, you may enjoy the Kenya wildlife tours. A safari tour supplies you with the absolute most exclusive safari experience.

Eastern vacations tours provides a wide range of packages to people who are considering taking a tour. Wildlife safari has just one aim which is to fulfill your fantasy of the greatest wildlife safari tour in your entire lifetime. It is the best company that provides you a grand opportunity to have a lot of fun for the minimum cost. If you’re interested, you can see our Mombasa Road Safari page.  It is a good way to find what the locals do and to find out the actual people and the actual events that compose the area.

Choosing Good Safari Tours

Wildebeest Migration Safari tour in the Masai Mara

You’re able to pick these packages based on your requirement. Thus, if you ever wish to relish the greatest safari packages, you can get guided tours. For instance, a basic package contains the fundamental activities in the area. Advance package is among the most liked packages due to its features. During the very low season, you can find a far better safari deals to any destination. In the modern fast-paced life, it will become required to take occasional breaks as a way to unwind.

Top Safari Tours Choices

All accommodations supply a safe place for guests . During the peak season, hotels and lodges are somewhat more expensive because of the demand. A couple of East African national parks only permit a certain number of guests at once. Especially parks that hosts Gorillas. These park provides wonderful scenery and a lot of game viewing. In the last few years it’s been observed that tourists during the high season also tours the neighboring Tanzania to learn more about the great scenaries like Ngorongoro Crater. Safari visitors can observe the members of the BIG FIVE animals in their natural habitat.

3 Days Masai Mara Safari from Nairobi

Masai Mara Kenya Safari in 3 days is an exclusive short road safari program from Nairobi to Masai Mara game reserve.

View safari itinerary

2 Days Tsavo West Air Safari

Tsavo West air safari in 2 days from Mombasa and back to Mombasa.Kenya This is an air safari package to Tsavo west national park Flight

View safari itinerary

You are sure to enjoy amazing safari experiences in the vicinity of your safari vehicle. Beside the big cats, here you will also have the chance to witness large quantities of gazelles, antelopes, giraffes and zebras. During a safari visit, you will also get the opportunity to devote a few nights in luxurious tented camps that are put in various locations in the middle of gigantic national parks and reserve.

There are plenty of places for honeymooners where they could devote some very best time of living. With your family members, there are lots of spots to go to, and the kenya safari & beach holidays are among them. There are likewise several remarkable locations that you can visit and you’ll surely have a complete custom itinerary for your tour. Step inside, however, and it will become clear that it’s a location of excellent elegance and beauty. Finally, as you achieve your destination, your preparations will need to pay off. Kenya is the finest safari destination on the planet with over 25% of the nation’s preserved as national parks and conservation areas.

Concluding Kenya Safari Tours

Safari tours in kenya combined with kenya beach holidays

Kenya Beach Resorts featured by Kenya safari tours

There are an endless number of activities to try and always remember to bring your camera to capture the moments! You must stay centered on the function of the trip and keep on schedule. Whether you’re heading out into nature to photograph a large sunrise, a phenomenal river or maybe to capture another wonder of nature, the safari temperament of the trip is the exactly the same. You are going to be in a position to escape into the lush splendor of the biggest subtropical natural wildlife parks on earth.

Nairobi Road Safaris

This are guided nature and wildlife safaris from Nairobi to popular wildlife parks in Kenya. Tours are organized privately and are done depending on your ones choice.

View all itineraries

Nairobi – Mombasa Safaris

Nairobi Mombasa Safaris includes our long haul nature & wildlife safaris originating from Nairobi. The Kenya safari capital with an ending in Mombasa ,Diani , Bamburi , Nyali or Kilifi beach resorts.

View all itineraries

Mombasa Road Safaris

Mombasa Road Safaris includes all Kenya safari Packages originating from the Kenyan coast. Eastern vacations has worked with sizable number of organizations & helped many travelers in choosing ,planing and achieving their holiday dream.

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Kenya Air Safaris

Kenya air safaris include flying safaris to wildlife parks and Game reserves in Kenya from either Mombasa or Nairobi. These are luxury air safaris with maximum wildlife views due to short time spent in connecting to the park.

View all itineraries
Consider taking this 6 Days Kenya best Safari Tour -a memorable experience

6 Days Kenya best Safari Tour from Nairobi

6 Days Mount Kenya |Aberdares |Lake Bogoria |Lake Baringo |Lake Nakuru | Masai Mara from Nairobi

Kenya best Safari Tour in 6 Days – in terms of bird watching , wildlife viewing , Scenic attractions ,Cultural diversity & Climatic change.

Safari shall start in Nairobi and end in Mombasa or Diani.

With this Nairobi tour package option you will visit the Kenya Highlands – Aberdares and Mount Kenya .

 Eastern Vacations Kenya Safaris shall take you through the Great Rift Valley Lakes -Baringo, Nakuru and Bogoria .

Blend this 6 Days Best Kenya safari with a visit to the world renowned Masai Mara for unforgettable safari experience.

Nairobi tour package is an all year round wildlife & nature safari .

Can’t afford to miss this Best Kenya safari tour if you love nature with trilling Wildlife Safari sights.

Encounter wildlife and experience Kenya’s best natural attractions in this Best of Kenya Safari.

At the end of this tour safe time and fly from direct from Masai mara to a destination of choice in Mombasa or Diani.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information regarding this Kenya wildlife Safari

6 Days Best Kenya safari tour Itinerary

Day 1: Nairobi -Mt.Kenya nature safari trip

Meet and Greet followed by a short brief about your safari.There after  begin your nature & wildlife safari journey to Mt. Kenya region.This shall be a leisurely road drive as you enjoy the landscape , Tea & Coffee plantation en route . You will arrive in your hotel in time for lunch.There will be a guided walk around the mountain. Then continue with your nature safari scenic view. Dinner and overnight in a lodge/luxury tented camp.

Day 2: Aberdares nature safari

Early morning game drive with 4×4 Jeep with a break for lunch . After lunch, transfer to the tree hotel or luxury camp. Evening game watching at the flood lit water hole from the balconies of your lodge. Watch animals as they come for water and scratch for salt. Dinner and overnight at the Ark or Treetops.

Day 3: Aberdares-Lake Bogoria-Lake Baringo

After an early morning breakfast, check out of your lodge and drive along the coffee plantations stopping briefly at Lake Bogoria to see the Hot Springs and the Geysers and then continue to Lake Baringo safari club for Lunch. Enjoy a guided bird walk in this fresh water lake with over 450 species of birds. Take a boat trip on the lake or visit the Njemps tribe. Dinner and overnight at the Lake Baringo Safari Club

lake baringo covered in Nairobi Tour Package

Geysers in Lake Bogoria highlighted in this Best of Kenya Safari package

Day 4:Lake Baringo-Lake Nakuru

After breakfast, leave for Lake Nakuru National park. Arrive in time for lunch. Evening game drive starts at 1600 Hrs. Spot the white rhinos, black rhinos, elephants, lesser and greater kudus and ten of thousands of flamingoes which make it an ornithological paradise. Dinner and overnight at a lodge / luxury camp of choice.

Day 5: Lake Nakuru-Masai Mara

Early morning breakfast followed by a departure from Lake Nakuru. Drive to Masai Mara arriving in time for lunch. Evening game drive which starts at 1600Hrs in this paradise of animals. Dinner and overnight at a lodge/luxury camp of choice.

Kenya Safari 6 Days covering masai mara during migration period

Game Reserve highlighted in Kenya best Safari Tour

Day 6: Masai Mara – Fly to Mombasa | Diani

Early morning game drive before breakfast. After breakfast there shall be another game driver in search of what you may not have seen in your list of things to see during your safari.Lunch. Transfer after lunch to a nearby airstrip for your scheduled afternoon direct to Mombasa or Diani. Met at the airport and transfer to your beach resort of choice.



Nairobi Tour/Kenya Safari Seasons

  • Low season : April to end of June
  • Peak season: July to October
  • High season: November to March

The prices given below are classified based on the level of accommodation used.Please choose your option in this Nairobi tour package as per your budget and style.

High level Lodges/Luxury camps:

    • Lake Nakuru national park: –Sarova lion hill,Lake nakuru lodge
    • Masai mara:- Mara serena,Mara Sarova,Ashnil mara,Keekorok lodge,Mara simba lodge
    • Mt.Kenya: Serena mountain lodge, Fairmond mt.kenya safari club
    • Aberdares : Treetop lodge, The Ark
    • Bogoria: Lake Bogoria hotel & Spa

Standard level lodges/Luxury camps

    • Lake Nakuru national park:- Flamingo hill camp, Nakuru sopa lodge
    • Masai Mara:-Mara sopa lodge,Fig tree camp,Mara leisure camp
    • Mt.Kenya: Sweetwaters camp
    • Abardares : The ark
    • Bogoria: Lake Bogoria hotel & Spa

Mid level lodges /Luxury camps:-

    • Mount Kenya: Falcon heights hotel, Kongoni camp
    • Abardare: The ark
    • Bogoria: xx xx xx[NB:-No Mid range hotel at this place]
    • Lake Nakuru national park:– l. nakuru lodge
    • Masai Mara:-Sentrim mara,Olumara camp,Elengata olerai

6 Days Kenya best Safari Tour Prices

Note:-If you are traveling alone or occupying a single room please confirm with us the single room supplement rate at the time of booking this Nairobi tour package.

  Cost based on number of people on a safari Vehicle Low Season High Season Peak Season
High Level Accomodation 2 pax  $ 1,520  $ 1,750  $ 1,900
  4 pax  $ 1,380  $ 1,550  $ 1,800
  6 pax  $ 1,300  $ 1,300  $ 1,680
Standard Level Accomodation 2 pax  $ 1,530  $ 1,640  $ 1,700
  4 pax  $ 1,360  $ 1,450  $ 1,500
  6 pax  $ 1,260  $ 1350  $ 1,450
Mid Level Accomodation 2 pax  $ 1,390  $ 1,420  $ 1,500
  4 pax  $ 1,190  $ 1,250  $ 1,320
  6 pax  $ 1,150  $ 1,170  $ 1,240

Price will include

  • Transport by custom safari van with open roof top
  • Mineral water while on safari
  • All government Levies,
  • All park entry fees,
  • Accommodation and meals (full board basis) based on option chosen
  • Transfer from your hotel to moi airport
  • Return flight from mombasa – nairobi -mombasa

Price Will Exclude

  • soft and alcoholic drinks
  • Tips and other grantitudes
  • Things of personal nature
  • Costs incurred while visiting local homesteads [eg.Masai village]
  • Boat rides

Other Information about this Kenya safari tour package

  • Children between 3 to 11 years pay 50% of adult price
  • Children occupying own room pay 75% of adult rate
  • Single room supplement will apply in all categories except on safaris taken during the low season.
  • This 6 days Kenya safari tour package departs from Nairobi city hotels or airport . We will provide the pick up time at the time of this Nairobi tour package confirmation.
  • Any other information you feel worthwhile knowing ; regarding this safari will be provided immediately on request.

Book or Inquire about this safari

6 days mombasa safari

6 Days Mombasa / Tsavo West / Amboseli / Nakuru / Masai Mara / Safari

6 days mombasa safari from mombasa back to mombasa trip.

Tour involves road driving explorations to the inland Kenya national parks and game reserves prograsively.

Experience the new 4 hours express train from Nairobi to mombasa .

This shall be 6 days of extensive wildlife viewing in Tsavo West ,Amboseli , Lake Nakuru & Masai mara.

Encounter the Kenyan ” Big Five” and other wildlife together with exotic birds in their ecosystem in this 6 days mombasa safari trip.

Tour is offered through out the year in private transport use .

Tour highlights

Tsavo West national park

  • Mazima springs {Collection of springs forming massive pools where Hippos,Crocodiles & fish species are viewed]
  • Ngulia Rhino Santuary  [ A protected area hosting over 70 black Rhinos ]
  • Shetani Lava Flaw [ Black volcanic rock that has formed a long stretch from chulu hills joining chaimu and the adjacent areas ]

Amboseli National park

  • Safari lover’s paradise
  • One of the iconic parks of Kenya with largestpopulation of Elephants,Other wildlife roam freely in this park
  • Park lying on the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro [ The highest in Africa]
  • Human wildlife natural  conflict
  • Masai tribe homesteads -one of the most celebrated cultural lifestyle in Africa

Lake Nakuru National Park

  • Birds paradise haven – with millions of flamingo birds & other pelican proving pinkish canopy on the lake short
  • Santuary hosting both black and white Rhinos.
  • Other wildlife exists

Masai Mara game reserve

  • One stop shop for wildlife viewing.
  • The greatest spectacle on earth happens in Masai mara -the wildbeaste migration .
  • Exprience balloon safari flight & enjoy aerial view of this wildlife jewel of Kenya [Optional at usd.450 per person]
  • Exotic bird species are often seen
  • Masai  home steads [optional]

Contact us for more information about this nature and wildlife safari from Mombasa by road.

6 days mombasa safari return by Train to Mombasa

Day 1: Mombasa-Tsavo West

Depart from your hotel early in the morning and drive along the Mombasa – Nairobi road via Voi town and the Tsavo river gate to Tsavo west national park. Game drive after entry en-route to your lodge/luxury camp of choice for check-in and lunch. Afternoon game viewing which includes a visit to the Rhino sanctuary. Dinner and overnight in your lodge / luxury camp of choice .

Day 2: Tsavo West-Amboseli

Early pre-breakfast game drive visiting the Mzima springs where crystal clear water emanates from the underground springs originating from the Mount Kilimanjaro here you will see hippos, crocodiles , fish and a variety of birdlife. Later depart Tsavo west for for Amboseli national park which lies at the floors of the Mount Kilimanjaro. The mountain offers scenic background for photography. Elephants, Lions, Cheetah, Buffalo, etc can be seen in Amboseli. Lunch. Afternoon game drive. Dinner and overnight in lodge / luxury tented camp .

Day 3: Amboseli – Lake Nakuru

 This is the last day of our safari .We shall be up at sun rise and follow the animal trails in search of what we may not have seen before during our safari. Return to our lodge for breakfast .Thereafter check out and have a short game viewing en route to exit  . Proceed vis Nairobi with a stop over at the rift valley view point. Take photos and continue with your scenic journey to arrive in Lake Nakuru for late Lunch.

Afternoon game drive that shall take your to the lake show. This rift valley lake is famous for millions of flamingos & other pelicans birds which form canopy on the lake shores .We shall be on the lookout for black and white rhinos, lions, leopards, hippos and the endangered Rothschild’s giraffes.. Dinner and overnight in your lodge or luxury tented camp

Day 4. Lake Nakuru – Masai Mara

Early breakfast. There after check out and proceed to Masai Mara game reserve. There shall be some stops on the way to admire scenic atractions. Arrive in Masai mara in time for lunch.

Game viewing is scheduled in the afternoon. Return to your lodge or luxury tented camp for Dinner and overnight.

Day 5. Masai Mara

This shall be our day of Adventure. Game drives shall be extensive in pursuit of the big five, birds & other wildlife. Scar-ventures and Predators roam freely in this wildlife ecosystem. A great spectacle happens in Masai mara where concentration of wildlife is the highest than any other park in Kenya.

Picnic lunch shall be by the Mara river as we watch hippos & crocodiles or maybe the great migration (July – September)

Return to our lodge for Dinner and overnight.

Day 6. Masai Mara – Nairobi – Mombasa

There will be early breakfast. Depart thereafter & proceed to Nairobi. Arrive in Nairobi and transfer to the train station. Board the afternoon 4 hours express train to Mombasa. Arrive at Mombasa terminus at 1915 hrs and transfer to your hotel of choice.

Tour/Safari Seasons
  • Low season : April to end of June 
  • Peak season: July to October & Dec 22nd to 01st January
  • High season: 1st November – 22nd Dec & 2nd Jan to March

High level Lodges/Luxury camps:

      • Lake Nakuru national park:- Sarova lion hill | Lake Nakuru Lodge
      • Masai mara:- Mara serena lodge | Mara Sarova |Ashnil mara |Keekorok lodge | Mara simba lodge| Mara leisure camp
      • Amboseli national park:- Amboseli serena lodge | Oltukai lodge
      • Tsavo west:- Kilaguni serena lodge | Severin safari Camp | Voyager Ziwani camp

Standard lodges/Luxury camps

      • Lake Nakuru national park:- Lake Nakuru Lodge | Flamingo hill camp | Lake Nakuru Sopa Lodge
      • Masai mara:- Mara sopa lodge | Fig tree camp  | AA Mara Lodge
      • Amboseli national park:- Amboseli sopa lodge | Kibo safari camp,
      • Tsavo west:- Ngulia safari lodge

Economy lodges /Luxury camps:-

      • Lake Nakuru national park:- lake nakuru lodge
      • Masai mara:-Sentrim mara | Olumara camp | Elengata olerai | Mara Ardvark camp| kichakani camp
      • Amboseli national park:- AA Amboseli camp | Kibo safari camp | Amboseli Sentrim camp
      • Tsavo west:- Ngulia safari lodge | Rhino valley camp

6 Days Mombasa Kenya Safari tour Rates

High Level Lodges / Luxury camps

Price per person sharing Low Season High Season Peak Season
2 Pax
$ 1,380 $ 1,565 $ 1,935
4 pax $ 1,160 $ 1,350 $ 1,720
6 pax $ 1,090 $ 1,280 $ 1,650
Easter / Christmas / New year eve Suppliments per person per night 25 35 50

Standard Lodges/Luxury camps

Price per person sharing Low Season High Season Peak Season
2 Pax
$ 1,325 $ 1,450 $ 1,650
4 pax $ 1,080 $ 1,230 $ 1,385
6 pax $ 1,000 $ 1,160 $ 1,360
Easter / Christmas / New year eve Suppliments per person per night 20 30 40

Mid Level | Economy Lodges & Camps

Price per person sharing Low Season High Season Peak Season
2 Pax
$ $ $
4 pax $ $ $
6 pax $ $ $
Easter / Christmas / New year eve Suppliments per person per night 15 25 35

Price will include

  • Transport by custom safari van with open roof hatch for photography & viewing
  • Mineral water while on safari
  • All government Levies,
  • All park entry fees & applicable conservancy fees
  • Accommodation and meals (full board basis) based on option chosen
  • 6 Days with extensive game drives
  • 1 st Class express train from Nairobi to Mombasa

Price Will Exclude

  • soft and alcoholic drinks
  • Tips and other gratitude
  • Things of personal nature
  • Costs incurred while visiting local homesteads [eg.Masai village]

Other Info

  • Children between 3 to 11 years pay 50% of adult price
  • Children occupying own room pay 75% of adult rate
  • Single room supplement will apply in all categories except on safaris taken during the low season.
  • This 6 days Mombasa Kenya Safari tour can leave from any point within the kenyan coast
  • We will provide the pick up time at the time of this safari confirmation.
  • Any other information you feel worthwhile knowing ; regarding this safari will be provided immediately on request.

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