3 Day Nairobi Kenya Safari Packages

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3 Day Nairobi Kenya Safari Packages

3 Day Nairobi Kenya Safari Packages

3-Day Nairobi Kenya Safaris – Selected 3 Days 2022/2023 road Safari packages from Nairobi showcasing amazing natural wildlife habitats and fascinating scenic Landscapes in Kenya. Start from Nairobi & return to Nairobi 3-day safaris.

3-Day Nairobi Kenya Safaris & Packages

Immerse yourself in one of this top 3-Day Nairobi Kenya safaris & discover Kenya’s safari destinations with striking vistas and diverse wildlife. In Nairobi 3-day safaris in Kenya you shall be treated with most extensive game drives and rewarding bird watching activities.

Eastern Vacations Kenya Safaris will always offers you the most choices and flexibility in booking any of our well programed Nairobi 3-day safaris in Kenya . You can customize the itineraries we have offered to fit to your budget and style.

You are at liberty to make your tour extensions or even include flights and train at the end of your 3-day Nairobi Kenya safaris.

An overland 3-day Nairobi safari is an excellent option and great value way to discover Kenya. Select any of our 3-Day Nairobi Kenya Safaris by road and have the opportunity to see much more of the country and soak up the scenery than the luxury way of connecting destinations by air.

During your Nairobi Kenya 3-day Safari ; transportation between Kenya National parks and game viewing will be in a private comfortable safari vans or upgraded to our top 4×4 grand safari land cruisers.

Our classic 4×4 grand safari Land cruisers are comfortable and build for rough terrains and off-road journeys. They can easily navigate through marsh grounds and crossing rivers which is particularly beneficial during the rainy season.

More About 3-Days Nairobi Safari Packages In Kenya

In all our 3-Day Nairobi Kenya Safaris, transport is usually private. This means that you’ll not be combined with other travelers whose interests and intends may differ from your while on safari.

You will be in control of your game drives for the entire Nairobi 3 Days Package . Through out any of our 3-Day Nairobi Kenya Safaris duration, you will be hosted, guided and looked after by your own experienced driver | guide.

This is why our excellently rated 3-day Nairobi Kenya safaris are adored by our past clients and this has made us achieve the “2020 travelers choice” award.

3-Days Nairobi Safari Packages – Essentials

Preparations before embarking on your lifetime 3-day Nairobi safari package is very important. Ensure that you have all your safari ingredients in place. Cameras, Binoculars and more importantly your wish list book at hand.

Your experienced driver guide will conduct endless game drives for you to make sure that you have achieved your dream experience.

Safari Accommodations

The lodges and tented camps used in all our Nairobi Kenya safari tours are hand picked. Our options are in-exhaustive. Please let us know your preference since our selection is done according to property’s comfort, budget, location and proximity to wildlife zones.

We are open to options in case you do not find your choice in our listed 3-days Nairobi safari Packages in Kenya.

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